Feb 25, 2008

Operation Infrastructure

Operation Infrastructure was the first joint intellectual property rights enforcement operation undertaken by CBP and the European Union. The two administrations worked together to establish mutually beneficial objectives.

European Union and the United States committed to implementing the "EU-U.S. Action Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights" This operation, targeting counterfeit semiconductors and computer networking equipment.  Counterfeit network hardware and ICs are just two examples of the many fake goods that threaten the safety of consumers and the ability of companies to fairly compete in the marketplace.

The Operation resulted in the seizure of more than 360,000 counterfeit integrated circuits and computer network components bearing more than 40 different trademarks.

As per CBP Assistant Commissioner Baldwin. "It is important to also recognize that there is a vitally important but discreet role that these components play in the everyday infrastructure of our societies. We therefore need to be able to rely on systems that are supported by them across various sectors, particularly as it relates to national security."

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