Feb 28, 2008

Growing e-money revolution in Japan

Japan is way ahead on the curve with e-money and wireless.   [source]

"Takeo Ogura walks through the crowded railway station in central Tokyo ignoring the people waiting at the ticket machines and heads straight for the ticket barrier, where he whips out his mobile phone and waves it over a card reader, which beeps as he passes through."

"There are causes for concern, most specifically security. "If I lose my phone then it would be like losing my money," said Kenji Kato, who works with computers.

To address these concerns, several mobile phone providers have introduced biometric security measures including finger print, facial and voice recognition, which are needed to activate the phone."

I think that we are seeing the first wave of the future happening in Japan.  Physical money will be part of history.

Feb 25, 2008

Operation Infrastructure

Operation Infrastructure was the first joint intellectual property rights enforcement operation undertaken by CBP and the European Union. The two administrations worked together to establish mutually beneficial objectives.

European Union and the United States committed to implementing the "EU-U.S. Action Strategy for the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights" This operation, targeting counterfeit semiconductors and computer networking equipment.  Counterfeit network hardware and ICs are just two examples of the many fake goods that threaten the safety of consumers and the ability of companies to fairly compete in the marketplace.

The Operation resulted in the seizure of more than 360,000 counterfeit integrated circuits and computer network components bearing more than 40 different trademarks.

As per CBP Assistant Commissioner Baldwin. "It is important to also recognize that there is a vitally important but discreet role that these components play in the everyday infrastructure of our societies. We therefore need to be able to rely on systems that are supported by them across various sectors, particularly as it relates to national security."

Feb 24, 2008

RFID Long Distance Reading

" One of the things the government and proponents of NAIS keep reassuring us is that the RFID chips can only be read close up so our privacy is safe. But here's an interesting article that makes a lie of that" [Source]

AT several 100's of feet tracking efforts, this could replace Passive Tag's. If there is a grid /network of Long Dstance Readers  (802.1.01 Std) at a specific zone, it would be cool. Imagine a hand held device that helps you see where you kids/spouse  are in a large mall. What about having a Track tag for the dog park ? Such applications on emergent echnologies would be cool !

Feb 22, 2008

Lotusphere RFID hacked

"If you poked in and out of a session, it grabbed you both times.  I can't quite see how Lotus could tell when someone was leaving versus coming in during that time of change between sessions"

Via Idonote

Feb 19, 2008

FEDEX spends $5.5 Million on Lobbyists funds

FedEx Corp. spent roughly $5.5 million in 2007 to lobby the federal government, according to a disclosure form posted online Thursday by the Senate's public records office.The company spent about $3.9 in the second half of 2007 to lobby the House of Representatives, Senate and White House on issues related to the federal budget, transportation and energy. [ via AP]

I wonder what other Funds the doe UPS, DHL and other Organizations have ??

Feb 18, 2008

Blue Tag Tracking for babies

The active UHF RFID system, marketed by RFID ProSolutions, is designed to protect newborn babies, Alzheimer's patients and other individuals staying in health-care facilities [via nonaiswa.]

"The RFID-enabled bracelet is hypoallergenic and waterproof, and can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Removing the device without authorization—if, for instance, someone were to cut the bracelet off—triggers an audible alarm. An alarm also sounds if anyone wearing the bracelet passes through a doorway equipped with the readers."

In concept this is good, but I dont like the idea of UHF being so close to a new born.

Feb 17, 2008

Malta has a research logistic's center !

"The logistics centre, boasting seven levels of high bay racking with a capacity to store over 11,000 pallets, has been designed to store beverages in controlled temperatures. This operation is governed by a computerised warehouse management system to ensure a constant, efficient flow of products from the plant and to the market. Sophisticated forklifters are mechanically guided into the aisles - 12 in all - to stack or remove pallets several metres high. Thanks to insulation, controlled cooling, insignificant noise levels, and restricted movement, the products should arrive at retailers in the best possible condition."

Interesting to note that a small country like Malta has an organization that can brew together a center of this nature.  They are using the state of art Hardware and gadgetry for this center. !1

Feb 16, 2008

wire testing

on the wire  test post

Supply Chain Managment V2.0

I used to blog here about Supply chain initative here