Jul 17, 2008

FasTrak Hacked- Driving Home Privacy and Security Risks of RFID

This is bound to happen !!

"Researcher Nate Lawson has discovered that FasTrak transponders are vulnerable to sniffing, cloning, and surreptitious tracking of a driver's comings and goings.

That is because the systems have no encryption or other technological protection measures to ensure that the information is not read by unauthorized readers or copied and cloned for misuse. Without protections, it is not just those toll booth and freeway sign readers that can track who you are and where you are going, but also that homegrown sniffer that Lawson plans to put up to collect information."

Source : ACLU

Jul 11, 2008

lets remove the tag, before we eat the chicken !!

With the Bird flu pandemic. This is gotta be  good method to track and trace food supply.

IBM keeps tracks on chickens with RFID

free range chickens

"IBM has developed radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking technology to track chickens from farms to supermarket shelves. The supplier is working with a Norwegian food producer Nortura to build a proof of concept item-level tagging application for the food industry.

RFID has been used successfully to track animal movements, such as the movement of cattle during the BSE outbreak, and to protect high-value items such as whisky and clothing, But it is unusual to find examples of item-level RFID tagging in food production, according to Stefan Pique, European director at GS1, the supply chain data standards body."