Feb 18, 2008

Blue Tag Tracking for babies

The active UHF RFID system, marketed by RFID ProSolutions, is designed to protect newborn babies, Alzheimer's patients and other individuals staying in health-care facilities [via nonaiswa.]

"The RFID-enabled bracelet is hypoallergenic and waterproof, and can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Removing the device without authorization—if, for instance, someone were to cut the bracelet off—triggers an audible alarm. An alarm also sounds if anyone wearing the bracelet passes through a doorway equipped with the readers."

In concept this is good, but I dont like the idea of UHF being so close to a new born.

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Karoli said...

I'm glad to see you say that, because I wouldn't especially want it that close to my newborn either. I'm sure there are a zillion studies saying it's safe and another zillion that go the other way, but to me, it's unnecessary...just more 'culture of fear' stuff.